Gov. Holcomb Presents Check to Santa Claus

Town of Santa Claus receives it’s share of Community Crossings Grant From INDOT!

At a late afternoon meeting in Jasper, a room full of officials from Southern Indiana met to learn the results of the Community Crossings grant applications made earlier this year.

The Town of Santa Claus submitted five grant requests and all were approved by INDOT!

Work will  be accomplished in the next construction season. Most will be in the Holiday Village Subdivision.

This money represents 75% of the cost of those improvements and the town will pay the balance from local funds.

This grant brings the total received from the state from this program to nearly $250,000 over the past two years.

List of grants.




Radio Read Meters

Town of Santa Claus Water Department is fast on its way putting in new radio read meters.  Currently installing in the 4th & 9th subdivisions of Christmas Lake Village. 50% of the town business area is already installed, 90% of Holiday Village is installed. Meter installation will run into 2018, each year more and more radio reads will be installed as the budget allows.

2017 Community Crossings Projects Completed

With the final striping in place on Holiday Blvd., Ruby Winkler Drive and Burch Rd. the 2017 Community Crossings Grant is complete.

The project came in under the $113,000+ budget and we will be refunding some dollars to the state. The town’s share is half of the grant amount.

The Town is currently crossing it’s fingers as we await the results from this year’s applications which we hope to do some major work in Holiday Village roads, along with a couple of other projects.

This year’s application is for about $245,000 with the town’s share at 25%.

S.R. 245 to be closed

Beginning on or after September 5th, SR 245 will be closed south of Santa Claus for road replacement work.  The $3.4 million improvement will replace the two curves in the road and level several hills between Santa Claus and Lamar, using a new roadbed just east of the existing route.

Access to local businesses on 245 should remain open.

Details from INDOT can be found here.

Scheduled completion date is October 19, 2017.



Water Shutoff and Boil Order

Update on Water Shutoff Wednesday, 8/16/17

As a part of the new trail construction process, two fire hydrants need to be moved a few feet on Louis J. Koch Blvd.

This will result in water being shutoff beginning at approximately 8am on August 16th for nearly 20 businesses in Santa Claus. The affected area is between IN245 and IN162. It includes Kringle Place along with others. All affected businesses have been notified by the Water Department. If you have not been notified, it is likely you will not need to be concerned.

If everything goes as planned, the moves should take several hours and will require a 48 hour Boil Order within the area once completed.

At this point it is hoped this will be the only area affected.

In the process, much need updates to the water main will be made including new valves to make the operations in the future more efficient.

Your patience is appreciated!