Recorded Meeting Audio

Recorded Santa Claus Council meeting audio is now online.

If you haven’t had a chance to attend a meeting, you might want to keep up to date by listening.

In our increasing efforts for transparency, we plan to have these recordings posted by the day after the meeting and we will continue to work on the technical aspects to improve the quality of these presentations.

They can be found here or from the Website on the right sidebar under TOWN COUNCIL.

2017 ADA Survey


As a recipient of federal funds, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is requiring local agencies to develop a procedure for gathering statistical data regarding participants and beneficiaries of its federal-aid highway programs and activities (23 CRF 200.9(b)(4)). The Town Of Santa Claus is distributing this voluntary survey to fulfill that requirement to gather information about the populations affected by proposed projects. You are not required to complete this survey.

Submittal of this information is voluntary. This form is a public document that the Town of Santa Claus will use to monitor and make changes to its programs and activities for compliance with and the American with Disabilities Act(ADA) and Section 504 of the Vocation Rehabilitation Act of 1973(Section 504).

If you have any questions regarding the Town of Santa Claus’ responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact Russ Luthy, ADA/Title VI Coordinator.

Click here to download and print the survey.

Click here for the Low Vision Version.