Santa Claus Park and Recreation Dept.

Monthly Meeting- January 17th, 2017



Pete Linne, John Tate, Bill Mattingly, Melissa Brockman, TJ Dilger

Guests: Greg Gogel, Kevin Patmore


Park President Linne made a motion to approve the minutes from the December meeting. Park Board Vice President Mattingly second the motion. Motion carried.

Next Meeting: February 20th, 2017 at 5pm CST in the Community Center

Park and Recreation Board Members: **President **Vice President

Park Board member Brockman made a motion to re-elect Pete Linne as the Park Board President and to keep Park Board Vice President Bill Mattingly as the Vice President. Park Board member John Tate second the motion. Motion carries.

Comments from the floor:

Greg Gogel

Greg Gogel is the Heritage Hills High School Baseball Coach. He came to the Park Board meeting to discuss possibly renting 1 field at Yellig Park a couple nights a week for the Jr. High kids to practice/have games on. He mentions that they need an extra field to practice on because of how busy the High School fields get with use. He says it would be a good way to keep kids interested in baseball and make sure the kids are getting as much as possible as they can from the sport. The Park Board agrees that it would be good for our feeder program to the High School. Some concerns are raised though because of timing for games/practices that could potentially interfere with the Little League games/practices that are already going on at Yellig Park.  We said we would discuss it further and we would need a list of dates/times that the middle school would want the field so we can compare it with the list of games/practices for the Little League schedule. Greg mentioned that he would like possibly 3 nights per week for the middle school.

Kevin Patmore:

Kevin Patmore, the Town Attorney, was invited to the Park Board meeting. The Park Board and Park and Recreation Director Dilger had questions for him regarding rentals at the Community Center. It was previously brought to the Park Board’s attention that we may not be doing our rentals correctly. Patmore suggested we change the ordinance to fit what we need. Park Board member John Tate made a motion to change the rental ordinance for the Community Center to add a 2nd option to the ordinance. The new option for rentals is to add $25/hour for renting the large room. The original rental price was $150/day but we are now adding an option for renting the room for $25/hour and keeping the $150/day option as well. This gives more flexibility to possible renters in the future. Patmore also suggested that the Park Board send out an RFP to the newspaper to let potential renters know we are looking for “community enrichment activities” to host at the Community Center. In order to be considered for these activities the person proposing to do regular events at the Community Center must fill out an RFP and enter into an Independent Contractor Agreement with the Town of Santa Claus. Patmore says he will adjust the Independent Contractor Agreement and take it to the Town Council Meeting on February 13th to propose his recommendations to the Council. Park Board member John Tate made a motion to adjust the current Ordinance and to add the 2nd option of $25/hour renting the large room at the Community Center. Park Board Vice President Bill Mattingly second the motion. Motion carries.


Park Business:

Santa Statue

The Park Board has still not received word from Jaws Collision Center regarding the Santa Statue. Park Board President Linne told Park Director Dilger to drive over to Jaws and talk to someone about it. He said he would like the Statue back before May when all of the sports start at Yellig Park.

Tournaments for next year

Park Director Dilger has been in contact with Trisha Grass about the tournament dates for 2017. The dates have been modified to the following 6 weekends: Baseball- May 6-7, June 3-4, and June 24-25; Softball-June 17-18, July 8-9, July 29-30. Director Dilger mentioned that the May 6-7 date may interfere with the Little League schedule but will do everything possible to make sure the tournament doesn’t interfere with the Santa Claus Little League. Director Dilger also mentioned that he will not be able to make it to the June 3-4 baseball tournament because of a previous engagement. The Park Board members said they would help out that weekend to make the tournament run smoothly.

Park Fees

John Grass (Team Central) has raised concerns about the rental prices for Yellig Park fields. The current price is $25/field/game. He has compared Santa Claus’ field rental prices to other places they go to for tournaments and Santa Claus is the most expensive. Park Board President Linne stated that we would not be able to change the prices this summer but it would be taken into account for the future. The Park Board was not able to come up with a solution to this problem at the meeting but this is something we will discuss further at the next Park Board meeting on February 20th. Director Dilger was told to take what was discussed to the Town Council meeting and say we are going to keep the prices the same for 2017 but try to come up with a solution to work with the Grass’ going forward in order to keep them coming back.


Park Director Dilger has heard back from the Optimist Club regarding the “Adopt a Spot” program. Director Dilger has talked to the Optimist Club and they have counter-offered with fixing the boat playground equipment that was broken over the summer. They said since they were the ones who bought the equipment they want to see if still used so they are offering to fix the boat instead of doing the “Adopt a Spot” program. The Park Board agreed to let the Optimist Club of Santa Claus work on fixing the boat. Still no interest from other outside organizations.

Concession Stands/ Proposal for 2017

The Park Board nor Director Dilger has attempted to contact Kevin Klosowski in a couple months. Director Dilger said he attempted to contact him back in October regarding the Halloween Trick or Treat event and then again in November about the concession stand equipment. Both emails were sent back to Director Dilger. Director Dilger will attempt to contact Kevin regarding the concession stand for 2017. Park President Linne told Director Dilger to send out another RFP to the newspaper to see if we get any interest from local businesses and to have the RFPs completed and turned back in before the March 20th Park Board meeting and to make the decision then.


There is no update on the painting of the bathrooms at Yellig Park. 4 out of 5 bathrooms have been completed.

NSA Conference-TJ

Director Dilger has been invited to go to an NSA/BPA conference in Columbus, IN on January, 28th by Trisha Grass from Team Central. The conference is about all the things tournament directors need to do to host a successful tournament. Park Board member John Tate mentioned that he thought Director Dilger should join IPRA (Indiana Park and Recreation Association). He made a motion to have Director Dilger join the $95 membership. Park Board member Brockman second the motion. Motion carries.


Park Board member Brockman has updated the way we keep track of our monthly expenditures. She has met with Kelly Greulich at Town Hall to get previous months of expenditures. She has put them all into an Excel Spreadsheet and given it to Director Dilger. She has offered to show Director Dilger how to update it monthly.

Trick or Treat Feedback

In November Director Dilger sent out surveys and thank you letters for the Trick or Treat event held at Yellig Park. Director Dilger read the 4 responses we received back from the businesses that attended. The suggestions were good and we will look at accommodating the suggestions for next year.


Community Center Business:


The Community Center Gym opened back up on January 8th on Sundays. The first 2 Sunday’s the gym has been opened have had good turnouts so we have agreed to stay open for the future.

Quotes for a Treadmill

Director Dilger mentioned that the Community Center got the treadmill that was ordered from Fitness and Exercise Solutions. The money used to buy the treadmill was encumbered from 2016. Director Dilger also mentioned the condition of the 3 other treadmills are not in good shape. He suggested to buy another treadmill if the board agreed. Park Board President Linne said to start the process of receiving quotes from 3 businesses and to have the quotes in before the February 20th meeting.


There is only 1 outside rental scheduled for the rest of January-February. Director Dilger has been in contact with Denise Izzolena from Willowdale Village about hosting a Senior Citizen Game Day at the Community Center. The Park Board thought it was a good idea and Director Dilger has already started advertising for the event. The event will be held on Tuesday, January 24th at 9 am in the Community Center large room.

Membership Application

The new membership applications Director Dilger created have gone over well. At the start of February, Director Dilger will start going through the applications and see who is Active and Non-active and move their files to note the changes. He will also start a monthly newsletter with all members to keep them notified on events/closures/updates.

Payment to St. Nicholas Development

The Park and Recreation Department received a bill from St. Nicholas Development for an order of hamburgers. In August, a breaker had been tripped in one of the concession stands that had stand up deep freezer plugged into it. Director Dilger found the tripped breaker and noticed all the hamburger meat had spoiled and leaked onto the floor of the concession stand. Per text, Director Dilger offered to reimburse Kevin Klosowski (concessionaire) when he re-ordered the meat. Park Board President Linne made a motion to pay St. Nicholas Development the bill of $119.90 out of the Miscellaneous line item. Park Board member John Tate second the motion. Motion carries.

24 Hour Access/Security System

Director Dilger has received a lot of requests for 24-hour access or extending the open hours to the gym. He mentions that there are a lot of people that work in different time zones, work different shifts that would like to use the facility but aren’t able to make it to the open hours. Director Dilger has been instructed to set out a sheet of paper and have interested members sign it to show their support for upgrading the gym to 24-hour access. Director Dilger has already received 3 quotes from places that are able to install a new door and security cameras. Director Dilger noted that if we do turn the Community Center gym into 24 hour access we would have to raise the price for members that would use the gym after hours to cover electricity increase and paying for new cards. This will be discussed further at the February 20th Park board meeting.

Movie Night

The Santa Claus Park and Recreation Department has decided to try another Movie Day at the Community Center. The date is set for Sunday, March 5th. The time is still to be determined. Director Dilger said he will create a survey and attach it to the Santa Claus Park and Recreation Facebook page and let people vote on which movie they want to see. He will come up with 4 movies to choose from.


Director Dilger has received interest from a woman wanting to teach Zumba classes at the Community Center. He has been in contact with her and has let her know that we are in the process of changing our policy on rentals. He will contact her once everything is worked out with the Town and Attorney.


Vouchers in the amounts of $323.42 and $2,000.07 were reviewed and Park Board President Linne made a motion to pay the vouchers. Park Board Vice President Mattingly second the motion. Motion carries.

Meeting Adjourn

Park Board member Brockman made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:58pm CST. Park Board member Tate second the motion. Motion carries.

Next scheduled Park and Recreation Board Meeting – Monday, February 20th, at 5:00 PM CST.