October 17, 2016 Park & Rec minutes

Santa Claus Park & Recreation Department

2016 Minutes of the Monthly Meeting – October 17th, 2016


A meeting of the Santa Claus Park & Recreation Department was held on Monday, October 17th, 2016 and was called to order by Pete Linne at 5:04 PM CST, in the Community Center.


Pete Linne, John Tate, Bill Mattingly, and TJ Dilger

GUEST: Kelly Greulich, Clerk Treasurer; John Bowen, Town Council President; Seth Windell, Town Council Member

Pete Linne motioned to approve the Monthly Meeting Minutes from September 19th.  Bill Mattingly seconded the motion, Ayes: All, Nays: None, Motion Carried.

COMMENTS FROM THE FLOOR:  None at this time, guests were present to discuss Park Director’s salary under Park Business.




The Parks Board along with Clerk Treasurer Kelly Greulich, Town Council President John Bowen and Town Council member Seth Windell had a discussion about the Parks Director Salary changes due to the new Fair Labor Standards Act mandate.  The FLSA new mandate requires a salaried employee under $47,476 to be paid time and a half for any time worked over 40 hours.   The town council has worked with Town Attorney Patmore to develop an ordinance for changes to the Director’s salary.  The town council is recommending changing Director Dilger from a salaried employee to an hourly employee.  A second ordinance was also created for the director to receive comp time.  Director Dilger would go to an hourly wage of $14.98 beginning December 1st, which is when the FLSA mandate begins.  The board and council members discussed ways for Director Dilger to stay within the 40 hours each week.  On busier weeks throughout the park season, it was suggested Director Dilger take a day off during the week when he will need to work the weekends for tournaments.  An employee making a lessor wage would be utilized during the week to mow and complete other duties.  The parks director can accumulate comp time per the new ordinance for hours worked over 80 hours in a pay period. The parks director will be able to work a flex time schedule within the two week pay period to stay within the 80 hours.  For comp time not used, the director will be paid at a rate of $22 an hour on April 1st for the comp time accumulated.  The town council has the final approval for the Director’s change to an hourly rate, but the parks board is in agreement with the town council to move Director Dilger to an hourly wage beginning December 1st.  Board President Linne made a motion to accept and support the Town Council ordinance for the hourly wage beginning December 1st, Tate seconded the motion.  Ayes: All, Nays: None, Motion Carried.

Nothing new to report, still waiting on work to be completed by Jaws Garage.

Team Central is still scheduled to hold a tournament at Yellig Park the weekend of 10/29.  Trish Grass recently spoke to Director Dilger and thought the tournament would be a go.  Director Dilger will be out of town that weekend, so Parks Board President Linne and Board Member Mattingly will be supervising and working at Yellig Park during the tournament.

CONCESSION STAND/Proposal for 2017
Parks Board President has attempted to contact Kevin with St. Nicholas Development for his future plans.  Since there has been no recent communications with Park Director Dilger and Kevin, the board is assuming Kevin is not interested in providing the concessions at Yellig Park in 2017.  The board is hoping to have a concrete answer by the November monthly meeting.  The board discussed possible options for the 2017 concessions.  This included the current sports organizations providing volunteers, looking for another outside group to run the concession stand and/or the parks department running the concessions.  The board will work on getting the concessions stand for 2017 in order over the next couple months.



President Linne brought up the idea of Adopt-A-Spot that had been discussed at a previous meeting.  The idea is for Director Dilger to ask area groups to adopt the landscaping and planter areas at Yellig Park to help maintain the areas.  This would get more people involved at the park and also free the parks employees up to work on other projects.  President asked Director Dilger if he had done any work on this project yet and Director Dilger had not.  The board directed the Director to begin working on this project to prepare for Spring/Summer 2017.



The NSSA youth soccer and the Minutemen football seasons both wrapped up October 15th and according to Parks Director Dilger both programs went well and he heard of no problems or issues.  The board directed TJ Dilger to make sure the corners of the soccer and football field are marked, so they fields are easier to layout the following year.  The board also spoke with the director about filling low spots on the playing fields and to over seed the fields where there are bare spots from the soccer and football seasons.

Director Dilger also spoke to the board about a possible adult soccer league wanting to use Yellig Park in the future.  The league is currently a league in Huntingburg that will be losing their playing field in the future.  Director Dilger will look to have more information on the league at a future meeting.



President Linne asked Director Dilger to work on keeping the trails clear of leaves this fall, he suggested taking the mower down the trails daily with the deck raised.

President Linne also informed the board that there connecting trail added at the west side of the trail.  Plans have not been confirmed or a timeline.  If the plan moves forward, the West loop of the trail would be shut down temporarily.  President Linne will keep the parks board informed as more information is provided in the future.



The board discussed potential closing dates for Yellig Park and came up with the range of Nov. 1 – Nov. 4th.  Closing the park includes shutting down the water to the park and winterizing the restrooms and concession stands, to avoid freezing once the weather turns for the winter.  President Linne will direct the parks staff and Director Dilger in closing the parks since he has completed the process in the past.



The board directed Parks Director Dilger to take all sponsor banners down at the park to store for the winter in the second floor of the concession stand at field two.  Director Linne stated that some of the sponsor signs will need to be replaced for next season.




The parks board discussed with Director Dilger the need for the Community Center and Yellig Park parking lines to be painted since they are very faint.  Director Dilger was directed to talk to the towns Street Department and see if they would be able to paint the lines or loan the equipment to the parks department.  Another option would be for the parks staff to use the athletic line painters the parks owns and purchase the appropriate paint at a hardware store.  The board would like this project completed as soon as possible.

The Parks Board asked Director Dilger to make sure the two Scag mowers and the tractor were cleaned and winterized.  The mowers should be sent to All Seasons for their annual servicing.


HALLOWEEN (Trick-or-Treat)

Director Dilger presented the board with a flyer for the Trick-or-Treat event at Yellig Park.  The event will take place on Sunday, October 30th from 4-6pm.   There are 15 committed sponsors that will each have a booth on the trail to hand out candy to children.  Parks Director Dilger purchased 100 glow lights to hand out to the first 100 kids at the event.  Director Dilger has contact Pumpkins & More and they will be donating pumpkins and Russ Winkler will be donating hay bales to use for the event.  Flyers have been posted around town and on multiple Facebook pages.  Board Member Tate will also be sending out an email to the soccer parents about the event.



President Linne asked Director Dilger if the golf cart belt had been replaced on the parks golf cart.  The belt has not been replaced to date.  President Linne and the board directed TJ Dilger to purchase a new belt for the golf cart since the golf cart has not been running properly for months.  The board suggested Mid-America golf carts in Chandler or looking online for another supplier for the belt.  President Linne also mentioned he has spoken with Lake Rudolph Manager Utley about the possibility of the park purchasing an older Lake Rudolph golf cart in the future.  He should be hearing back from Mr. Utley in the near future and will report back to the board.



Director Dilger reported that Russ Luthy with the Water/Sewer Department did complete bush hogging the lot for the department.  The board stated the lot should be mowed on a regular basis next year and should not be allowed to get as overgrown as it did this year.  The area will be used for overflow parking for youth soccer next fall.





The Community Center gym will remain closed on Sundays until further notice.



The department recently sponsored a weight lifting competition at the Community Center and the organizers donated $150 to the department from the event.  An art class was also held recently.  Director Dilger will be looking for additional programs to sponsor at the Community Center to increase usage and generate some revenue/donations.




Parks Director Dilger provided the board with information that had previously been discussed including the cost of $300 to rent a screen and sound equipment from Back Porch Cinemas.  Council member Seth Windell and Kelly Greulich suggested that the park could use one of the sound systems at town hall for the movie night.  Parks Board member Tate also mentioned he thought he could get a screen and projector donated for a movie night in December.  After a discussion on possible dates, the board decided that Friday, December 16th would be the date for the first movie night at that Community Center this winter.  More details would be discussed at the November board meeting for the event.

Vouchers in the amounts of $2025.60 and $2032.07 were reviewed and approved by all Board Members with no changes.

Tate motioned for the Park and Recreation Board Meeting to close at 6:41 PM CST. Mattingly seconded the motion, Ayes: All, Nays: None, Motion: Carried


Next scheduled Park and Recreation Board Meeting – Monday, November 21st at 5:00 PM CST.  (more…)

September 19, 2016 Park & Rec Minutes

Santa Claus Park & Recreation Department

2016 Minutes of the Monthly Meeting – September 19, 2016


A meeting of the Santa Claus Park & Recreation Department was held on Monday, September 19th, 2016 and was called to order by Pete Linne at 5:06 PM CST, in the Community Center.  Meeting was pushed back one day due to park board members conflicts and to meet quorum.