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September 22, 2014 APC Meeting

Advisory Planning Commission       

Date: 9-22-2014

Meeting called to order: 5:30 pm CST

Members Present: J. Stillman, S. Elliott, R. Grundhoefer, R. Luthy, K. Burke

Members Absent: J. Voges, R. Smith

Also Present: P. Brown, K. Patmore, J. Olliver, residents from town and county

Review of Minutes: Luthy presents for approval, minutes from March and August 2014 meetings. Motion to approve March minutes by Burke, second by Grundhoefer. Motion carries. Motion to approve August minutes by Grundhoefer, second by Elliot. Motion carries.

New Business: None

Old Business: Consideration of Subdivision and Zoning Ordinance amendments, and extension of time for HOWO to pave the remaining parking areas.

James Olliver of Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari states that he has met with residents affected by park activities. The following is a statement of action taken by HOWO to address concerns:


  1. Ingress/Egress roads to parking areas are paved with concrete.
  2. Lighting; angle of lights and light emission. There are 3 lights of concern. Lights will be angled downward to mitigate off target emission and will be put on electronic timers reducing lighting time.
  3. Screening trees which have not reached optimal height will be replaced.
  4. The “second “gate which has been open on occasion, will be used for emergencies only.
  5. Will reduce dust emission by constructing barriers to discourage “cross-lot” drivers.
  6. Will continue capital improvements to the lot each year.

    Holiday World remains committed to an extension to pave the lot.

    Burke inquires about a time line for improvements. Stillman is concerned about the original agreement. The town was told that significant improvements would occur yearly, however; nothing appears to be happening. Elliot inquires if the intention is to pave the entire lot. HOWO answers, yes.

    Resident comments that on the previous Sunday, that dust was traveling “off lot” and that on one occasion, the second gate was open.

    Resident Martin relates that at the meeting between residents and HOWO, the consensus was that HOWO would quantify on a map the areas which were to be paved in the next two years. HOWO states that ADA (Americans with Disabilities) facilities will be priority. Any areas additional sections will be paved with left over dollars.

    Resident Martin believes the agreement should have been a “done deal,’ and avers that the issue go back to the town council with an unfavorable recommendation.

    Member Grundhoefer states that calcium chloride is useful for dust suppression. HOWO says it will explore that and similar options.

    Commission members inquire about a map delineating paving activities, as well as; the plan to get to 2018 in regard to dust suppression.

    Attorney Patmore states that the better plan may be to leave the agreement as is, as it would apply to all parking areas and would require HOWO to approach BOZA for a variance if conditions of the agreement are not kept. Patmore adds that stipulations could be set as a result of the request.

    Elliot motions to, a.) give to the town council an unfavorable recommendation for paving extension request, and b.) issue must go before BOZA- in regard to the Legend Lot- in the form of a variance. Grundhoefer seconds. Motion carries.

    Signage amendment: Issue at hand is “habitually parked vehicles” with attached business advertisement. Wanting to exempt passenger vehicles with “signs’, but would still have a problem with construction trailers.

    Grundhoefer motions for an exemption for personal and employment vehicles, and to send a favorable recommendation for the amendment to the town council. Patmore will draft the amendment to the ordinance. Stillman seconds. Motion carries.

    Commission president asks if there any further questions from the floor. With no further business, Elliot motions to adjourn, second by Burke. Motion carries, adjourn at 6:30 pm.