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Sept. 5, 2017 Special Parks Board Meeting

Santa Claus Park and Recreation Department
Agenda for Special Meeting-September 5th, 2017

ATTENDANCE/ROLL CALL: Pete Linne, Bill Mattingly, Melissa Brockman, Tyler Dilger
A special meeting for the Santa Claus Park and Recreation Department was called to order at 5:00 pm.
Guests: None
Comments from the floor: None
Community Center Bathroom Bids
The Park and Recreation Department has received 2 bids for the renovation of the Community Center Bathrooms. One from Smith Homes and the other from Oeding Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Oeding’s bid was for $4,750.00 and listed only plumbing work and no demolition work, which didn’t meet the specs given. Smith Homes’ bid was for $17,630.00 which he quoted as meeting specs given. Time from for completion listed at 30-40 days. Park Board Vice President Mattingly made a motion to accept Smith Homes bid for $17,630.00 as long as the Town Council approves to pay it. Park Board President Linne second the motion. Motion carries.
24-Hour Access Discussion-Park Director Dilger gave the Park Board a list of options he created for changing staff hours at the gym after the 24-hour accessibility goes into place. Also listed were membership price changes and the listed specs from quotes given from 5 different companies that are able to do the project. After a discussion about hour changes, it was agreed that after the project is complete we will still keep the staffed hours the same until after the new year. Then in February we will come back and see how things are going and then change the hours from 7am-7pm everyday to opening and having the gym staffed from 7am-10am then it will close 10am-4pm to members who have key card access, then opening back up and having a staff member there from 4pm-7pm. The normal 7am-12pm staff shift on Saturday will also be cut out but will be accessible with card access for paying members. This will give members time during the workweek to sign up/renew for memberships and allowing daily guests time to come work out while the gym is staffed and open to the public. It will also cut 6 staff hours a day and 35 staff hours a week, including the weekend, which will cut back on costs of paying staff members dramatically. It was also discussed that eventually we will work towards cutting out the 7am-10am shift and make it only open to the public with a staff member here from 4pm-7pm every day. There will be no membership cost increase for the first year as well. The project is estimated to be around $4,500-$5,000 total with door, camera, and software installation and with the amount of staff hours that will be cut, the project will pay back itself in 15-20 weeks. Park Director Dilger is to take this plan that was discussed to the Town Council meeting on Monday, September 11th and let them know what we have decided on. Park Director Dilger is to send out specs to potential bidders and have sealed bids turned in for the October 16th Board meeting.
Meeting Adjourn
Park Board President Linne made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:30pm. Park Board Vice President Linne second the motion. Motion carries.
Next Meeting September 18th 5:00pm
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Pete Linne, President Bill Mattingly, Vice President

Melissa Brockman