Santa Claus Community Center


Mission Statement

“The mission of the Santa Claus Parks and Recreation Department is to provide a healthy and enjoyable facility to the citizens of Spencer County. We are a nondiscriminatory organization.”

The Santa Claus Parks and Recreation Board are in charge of Yellig Park and the Santa Claus Community Center.

Exercise Room Hours:

24 Hour Access Available!


Gym Membership Prices

Regular Fees                                        Family Fees (2 or more)
Daily $3                                                      Monthly $40
Monthly$20                                               -Up to 4 members
Annual $200                                              -Additional $10/member

Senior Fees (60+)                                Town Employee
Daily $1                                                        Annual (Worker) $1
Monthly $12                                                Daily (Family) $1
Yearly $144                                                  Monthly (Family) $10
Annual (Family) $100

*Extra key FOB or replacement key FOB is $12.

Class Schedule

Yoga Classes:
Monday & Wednesday 9:00 a.m.  $4

Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 p.m.  $5

Women’s Kickboxing:
Monday & Wednesday 5:00 p.m.  $5


If interested in hosting your own class at the Community Center, please stop by and ask or call!
Community Center: (812)-937-4570


Senior Citizens monthly dinner meeting

  • First Friday of each month


Community Center Rental Fees

  • Large Room Rental- $150.00/day OR $25/hour
    • Clean-Up Fee- $100.00
    • Kitchen Facility Use- $75.00
  • Small Room Rental- $10/hour

Please call to ask about our rental space availability and feel free to stop by and look at them!


Holistic Healing Massage

Massage Therapy business conveniently located inside the Community Center! Stop by, email, call, text, or book on the Facebook page for an appointment.

(812) 319-1478

Holistic Healing Massage on Facebook


Community Center Contact Information