Pay Your Utility Bill


1.) You can always drop your check in the mail or in person at Town Hall, but now there’s another way!

2.) The Town of Santa Claus is pleased to now offer the convenience of paying your water/sewer bill online.

Clicking the image will take you to a secure payment website at PayGov in a new browser window.

You will need your account number, name and address and a credit card.

There is an additional credit card fee of 3% assessed by using this service paid to the service provider. The Town of Santa Claus receives no additional revenue from these fees.

3.) In addition, the Town of Santa Claus offers Auto-Pay.

What is Auto-Pay?AUTO-PAY

Auto-Pay is the way of paying your water bill automatically without writing out checks.

Payment of your utility bill is automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account. This procedure is regulated by the Federal Government and is actually safer than writing and mailing a check.

Auto-PayJust think. No more hassles of writing checks, finding a postage stamp or worrying if your payment will reach in time.

To receive this service, fill out the sign-up form available here, or stop by the Town Hall during normal business hours.

If you have any questions about the Auto-Pay program, you may contact us at 812-937-2551.