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October 27, 2014 APC Meeting

Santa Claus Advisory Planning Commission

Date: 10-27-2014

Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm CDT

Members Present: R. Smith, S. Elliott, R. Grundhoefer, K. Burke, J. Voges, J. Stillman

Members Absent: R. Luthy

Also Present: P. Brown, K. Patmore, several members of the public

Review of Minutes: Stillman presents for approval, minutes from September 22th meeting. Motion to approve by Burke, second by Grundhoefer. Motion carries.

New Business:

Wayne Utley for Lake Rudolph presented a request for moving the directional sign from Holiday world property to property they will purchase at the same intersection.

The APC finds that when the property is purchased the sign could be moved following existing setbacks as a directional sign that is on their property in close proximity to their business that would facilitate traffic flow in the Town.  Motion to approve by Grundhoefer, second by Elliott. Motion carries.

Discussion about the signs allowed at the medical buildings.  Determined that it is an office complex and would follow the signage for such in the Zoning Ordinance.

Discussed Zoning Ordinance 11.04. 12 (4) schedule of fees and determined that it is needed to have added that the Applicant be responsible for reimbursement to the Town of the actual cost of attorney fees beyond the norm.  Motion was made to direct Patmore to draft the change and schedule a public hearing for the November meeting.   Motion to approve by Burke, second by Elliott. Motion carries.

Answered questions from the public regarding when the November meetings for APC and Town Council will be.

With no further business, Burke motions to adjourn, second by Grundhoefer. Motion carries, adjourn at 6:30 pm.