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Santa Claus Receives Another Community Crossings Grant

l-r: Gov. Holcomb, John Bowen & Rep. Stephen Bartels

Governor Eric Holcomb came to Evansville yesterday to announce the awarding of another round of Community Crossings Grants. The Town of Santa Claus received $131,070.00 which will go towards improvements on Buffaloville Road next year. This is the fourth award the town has received and has led to major road improvements including L J Koch, Ashburn, Holiday Blvd and several others in Holiday Village.

Santa Claus was one of 200 counties, cities and towns in the state to share in this round which total $99.2 million for local road improvements.

CLV Boil Advisory -Affected Lots

The Boil Advisory currently in effect in Christmas Lake Village affects only the colored lots in this map.

All of Subdivision 9-Polar Shores Addition in blue and 6 lots in Subdivision 4-Polar Shores in pink.

This advisory will remain in affect until further notice.

Planned Water Outage in Christmas Lake Village-Polar Shores

The Santa Claus Utilities Department will be replacing a hydrant that will result in water being shut off for a period of time on Monday, September 23rd.

Area to be affected.
Area to be affected.

The areas that will be affected are Subdivisions 4 and 9… Polar Shores and Polar Shores Addition. This includes all homes along and east of Balthazar from the Gate House to Polar Park. (See Map)

Plans are for the water will be shut off at approximately 8am on the 23rd and should be turned back on by late afternoon.

Upon completion of the replacement, it is possible that there will be a boil order put in place for all or part of these subdivisions.

Streets affected:

        • Balthazar Drive from the Gate House to Polar Park
        • Arctic Circle
        • Mistletoe Drive
        • Candy Cane Lane
        • Garland Lane
        • Tinsel Circle
        • Madonna Drive
        • Winter Lane
        • Star Drive
        • Sleigh Bell Drive
        • Sleigh Bell Circle



2020 Census News

The census only comes once every 10 years, and it’s important to us all.

The Census Bureau is in the process of preparing for the 2020 census and has begun canvassing communities. It’s part of the process to make sure every resident is counted.

Don’t be concerned if someone knocks on your door. Just be sure they are official canvassers.

The Bureau has produced a video to help you identify a Census worker now that the canvassing has begun.

See the video here.

Looking for a couple volunteers.

The 2020 census is just around the corner and the Town of Santa Claus is looking for 3 to 5 volunteers to be on the 2020 committee.

The committee will ensure that everyone is counted in this vital process.

If you are interested contact Kelly at the Santa Claus Town Hall at 812-937-2551 for details.