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March 24, 2014 APC Meeting

Town of Santa Claus

Advisory Planning Commission

Date: 3-24-2014

Members Present: J. Stillman, R. Luthy, R. Smith, R. Grundhoefer, J. Voges

Members Absent: K. Burke, S. Elliott

Also Present: P. Brown, K. Patmore

Review of Minutes: Luthy presents minutes from 2-24 -2014. Motion to approve minutes as written by Grundhoefer, second by Smith Stillman, abstain. Motion carries.

Meeting called to order at 6:50 p.m.

New Business:

Attorney Patmore presents second draft of buffer zone map. Stillman queries about potential of eastward annexation.

At meeting last, the east side of buffer zone was yet to be determined due to juxtaposition of property lines etc. Ultimately, attorney tried to follow logical lines i.e. section lines and property lines.

A slight change to west periphery to follow RR tracks from Lincoln City.

Comprehensive Plan: Patmore will call consultant in regard to legal costs associated with expanding the Towns’ Comprehensive Plan to include guidelines on CAFO’s (Confined Animal Feeding Operations).  Patmore will bring proposed ordinance to next APC for consideration.

With no further business, Grundhoefer motions to adjourn, and Voges seconds. Motion carries, with adjournment at 6:24 pm.