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July 28, 2014 APC Meeting

Town of Santa Claus

Advisory Planning Commission

Date: 7-28-2014

Members Present: R. Smith, S. Elliott, R. Grundhoefer, R. Luthy, K. Burke

Members Absent J. Voges, J. Stillman

Also Present: P. Brown, K. Patmore

Review of Minutes: Luthy presents for approval, minutes from April and May’s meeting. Motion to approve by Grundhoefer, second by Elliott, motion carries.


New Business:

Amendment and subsequent setting of date for public hearing to amend the Santa Claus Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance.

Proposed amendments to include:

1. Alteration of subdivision requirements to remove requirement to remove sidewalks, and replace with: “…the requirements for complete streets, including bike facilities where appropriate…”


2. Altering Amusement deadline for paving parking areas in existence on May 1, 2013. Holiday World is requesting extension to 2020.

3. Adding a paragraph on parking lots to require that parking areas in the commercial and amusement districts include bicycle parking facilities.

4. Alteration of the definition of “sign” to specifically include displays on inoperable or habitually-located vehicles.

5. Amendment of the CFO definition.

6. Alteration of CFO set-backs.

7. Correct typo for damaged existing non-conforming uses

8. Correction of a typo when an ILP is required for signs (current says (1), should be (2)).

9. Changing the exemption for signage for produce to require sale on the premises.

10. Alteration of the subdivision ordinance to include a thoroughfare plan; on which the town is currently working.

11. Amendment of subdivision street requirements to include trails requirements.

Smith motions to set public hearing date and time of August 25, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. local time. Grundhoefer seconds. Motion carries.

James Olliver of Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, presents amendment to the parks’ 2015 master plan. See Exhibit “A” for proposed changes. Twelve building permits have been applied for for projects. Smith motions to approve plan, Elliott seconds. Motion carries.

With no further business, Grundhoefer motions to adjourn, second by Elliott. Motion carries, adjourn at 6:40 pm.