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Building Requirements

Building Requirementsconstruction

All construction in the the Town of Santa Claus is governed by the Title XII Building and Construction Ordinance.


All construction within the Town of Santa Claus will require a Building Permit. (Additional Permits for construction within Christmas Lake Village may require permits from that organization, also.)

Building Permit Application

Improvement Location Permit


Per Section 12.02.166 of the Town of Santa Claus Codification: “Annual Electrical Work: Electrical work can be performed in the
Town of Santa Claus by annual permit. Permit requires proof of insurance and register at Clerk’s office for an annual fee of $10.00.
Permits expire at the end of the calendar year. (Ordinance 2001-02, S1, May 9, 2001)”

This supersedes electrical license requirements in previous Ordinances.

Permit form is here.


Per Section 12.02.165 of the Town of Santa Claus Codification: “License: All repairs or construction of any residential, electrical,
mechanical or plumbing that is hired done shall be performed by an individual licensed to perform respective electrical, mechanical
or plumbing.

No person for hire shall perform any electrical, mechanical or plumbing repair or construction on any residential property in the
Town of Santa Claus who is not licensed to perform said electrical, mechanical or plumbing by an applicable state licensing boards or
a municipal licensing authority in any other municipality in Indiana.

Prior to performing any repairs or construction of residential property for which licensing is provided herein said individual shall provide to the Town Clerk of Santa Claus a copy
of said license.

The Town Clerk shall maintain a file on said licenses. (Ord. 1997-04, S12.02.165, 1997)”