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April 28, 2014 APC Meeting

Town of Santa Claus

Advisory Planning Commission

Meeting Minutes

Date: 4-28-2014

Members Present: K. Burke, R. Grundhoefer, S. Elliott, J. Stillman,

Members Absent: R. Smith, J. Voges, R. Luthy,

Also Present: P. Brown, K. Patmore, J. Fuhs, L. May, J. Olliver

Review of Minutes: No minutes to review

New Business:  l. May and J. Fuhs presented plans for zip lines for Santa’s Lodge.  They will ask BOZA for a variance since the property is zoned commercial. Also asked to divide the lot Frosty’s is on in two.  A public hearing will be scheduled for this at the May 19th meeting.

J. Olliver from Holiday World said they are preparing the grounds for future development and will be back with plans for footers in the near future.

With no further business, Elliott motions to adjourn, and Burke seconds. Motion carries.