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April 27, 2015 APC Meeting

Town of Santa Claus

Advisory Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Date: 4-27-2015


Meeting called to order: 5:30 pm CDT


Members Present: J. Stillman, K. Burke, R. Grundhoefer, S. Clark


Members Absent: S. Elliott, R. Luthy,  J. Voges


Also Present: P. Brown, K. Patmore, representatives of Hassfurther Farms, D. Barnett, G. Turner


Review of Minutes: Stillman presents for approval, minutes from February 23, 2015 meeting. Motion to approve minutes made by Burke, second by Grundhoefer. Motion carries.


Old Business: None


New Business:  Reviewed sign permit from Santa’s Lodge.  Answered questions from Barnett.


Reviewed sign permit for T-W Santa Claus LLC.  Answered questions from Turner.


Patmore to schedule public hearing on verbiage change in Zoning Ordinance to allow submissions of requests prior to the APC meeting before a hearing instead of the current 30 days.


Discussed the temporary cell tower that did not request a permit.  Motion made by Stillman, second by Grundhoefer, to instruct Brown to send a violation letter to Koch Development to remove tower within 10 days or face daily fines.


With no further business, a motion to adjourn is made by Burke, second by Grundhoefer. Motion carries, adjournment is at 6:15 pm.