A handshake and a changing of the guard

Chief Brown Retires.

After serving the town of Santa Claus for nearly 19 years, Marshal Joey Brown has decided it’s time to retire. “It wasn’t an easy decision, but I’ve been thinking about it a while now,” he said, “James will do a great job…he knows the town and the people know him.

Taking the helm is 8 year veteran James Faulkenburg.

Faulkenburg (left) & Brown (right)

Pictured here, prior to exchanging badges James and Joey wish each other the best as they begin their new ventures.

Joey’s last day on the job is today, with James taking the helm tomorrow, Brown will remain on as deputy through at least the end of the school year as he works as a School Resource Officer at North Spencer School Corp and other town duties.

Draft Comprehensive Plan Now Available

At its March 25th meeting, the Advisory Plan Commission was presented with the updated plan from Morley & Associates.

The plan, based on input from residents and and town officials, is currently being reviewed by that board.

Last updated in 1995, the Comprehensive Plan is a statement of the objectives and policies for future growth of Santa Claus along with a map showing the geographic land use concepts. The plan attempts to look twenty years into the future. This plan is a document that should be reviewed and considered for revision every five years so that it may continue to reflect the objectives and goals of the Town. The plan also serves as a basis for making planning and zoning decisions by Town officials.

It will be the subject of a public hearing on April 22, 2019 at 5:30pm at the Town Hall.

If approved at that meeting, it will be presented to the Town Council for approval at its May 13, 2019 meeting,

The draft report updated on 4/2/2019 is available here for review.


Water Rates Changed

Late last year, the Town of Santa Claus was notified of a rate increase from Patoka Lake Water District.

While the town owns and operates its own wells, about two-thirds of the water used by Santa Claus Water Utility comes from Patoka Lake.

The Water Board commissioned a rate study by LWG CPAs & Advisors from Indianapolis to determine what affect this might have on the future operations of the town’s water plant. Their report was received in February and it recommended an increase in water rates to account for past inflation and the new rates from Patoka Lake. Their recommendation was either a 23.45% or 31.07% increase. This amount was determined based on the Patoka Lake increase, a need to bring operating reserves to the state required levels and inflation.

The town’s last rate increase was in 2009 and in that period of time, the Consumer Price Index rose roughly 20%.

On Friday, March 1st, the Town Council held a public hearing based on a recommendation from the Water Board on the proposed increase of 23.45%. Hearing no objections, the Town Council approved Ordinance 2019-04.

At the meeting it was stated that this increase affects various users differently, but for the average customer using 3,447 gallons per month the rate increase would be approximately $5.00 per month. It was further pointed out that this increase does not affect the wastewater charges since that charge it is based on the amount of water used, not the price of the water.

The Water Board has acted in good faith to ensure that the water utility will remain an economically viable entity into the future and continue to provide quality water to its customers.

A copy of the ordinance can be found here.


A copy of the Final Rate Study can be found here.

Audio from the Public Hearing and Council Meeting can be found here

Town Receives IPEP Safety Grant

Eric Ackerman from IPEP and Mike Becher with Dale State Agency arrived in Santa Claus to present the town the 2019 IPEP Safety Grant Award.

Russ Luthy and Kelly Greulich receive check from Mike Becher and Eric Ackerman


The Indiana Public Employers’ Plan, Inc. (IPEP) is excited to announce the Town of Santa Claus as a recipient of its 2019 Safety Grant Award. IPEP is proud to partner with the Town of Santa Claus and Dale State Agency to maximize opportunities to promote a safe work environment and assist with stretching their risk management resources. The grant funds will be used to purchase safety equipment or safety training programs that will reduce or limit workers’ compensation exposure.

IPEP was created in 1989 as a risk-sharing pool for public entities, as a response to the need for public employers to find affordable workers’ compensation coverage. IPEP has grown to provide workers’ compensation claims administration for more than 700 public entities including cities, towns, counties and schools.

2019 Golf Cart Registration

This is your annual Golf Cart Permit Registration Notice.

To be permitted to drive on the streets of the Town of Santa Claus in Christmas Lake Village and Holiday Village your golf cart needs to be registered with the town and a permit must be displayed on the vehicle.

Annual fee is $25, payable to the Town of Santa Claus along with the registration form can be dropped off at Town Hall during normal business hours.

To view the Town ordinance, click here.

To download the registration form, click here.

Golf Carts and Off-Road Vehicles shall not be operated on sidewalks, trails, other public ways, streets and roadways other than those defined as “Permitted Streets” in this Section, State Highways (except as permitted by Section 2 above), or at any location on Louis J. Koch, Jr. Boulevard or on Ashburn Road between Louis J. Koch, Jr. Boulevard and New Year’s Eve Day Drive. In and at Yellig Park, Golf Carts and Off-Road Vehicles shall be operated only in designated parking lots and driveways, and shall not be operated on walking trails, on ball or soccer fields or other areas not designated or otherwise established for vehicular travel.